Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting in to the swing of things.

It's been a while, but we have been steadily kicking ass. It took three weeks longer than I had hoped to get the Volvo on the road. It lived in the driveway for that time, developing a flat tire and a dead battery. Eric and I had to do a bunch of cleaning and organizing in the garage before we could even think about starting on the car.

This is what the garage looked like after a few days of work. Between fixing the previous owners "handy" work, moving in and other random jobs around the house we barely touched the car until last week.

This little "nook" in the garage is pretty sweet. Nice storage area for all of the extra crap.

Most of the way done. At least enough to be able to start on the car.

Here's your problem.

This picture may be a little confusing, so let me explain what you are looking at. The 240's had dual master cylinders, so there are 2 rubber brake lines that come down and turn into 2 hard lines. This car weighs 3000 lbs, makes 100 hp and has 4 piston calipers!

The flare just broke off in the caliper, so I bought a new caliper and Eric flared the existing line. We have gone about 100 miles on the street without incident, aside from some oversight on torquing a bolt or two (whoops.)

Look forward to some more pics and video in the next couple of days. Now that the weather is nice and the garage is empty we can start getting this thing rocking.

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